Customer Loyalty Program


 Every purchase will get points.
2  Every RM1 will get 2 points.
3  The number of points can be increased when there is a certain   promotion.
4  Points can also be obtained through:
  • when you LIKE our Facebook
  • when you TWEET about GreenAard
  • when you SHARE articles / products from our website to a friend
  • when you CREATE an account with GreenAard
  • when you CELEBRATE your birthday
  • when you give testimonials about GreenAard
5  Points are also given when you buy GreenAard from Facebook and     Whatsapp.
6  You need to create an account with GreenAard first so that this point   system can be activated (please refer to the picture instruction   below).
7  After signing in, click the EARN REWARDS button again to go to   your dashboard. 
8  Points not redeemed within 1 year, will be deactivated automatically.








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