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GreenAard Bio Cellulose Mask is a premium facial sheet masks. It is made from an advanced fiber called bio cellulose. The advantage of bio cellulose over other masks is that its ability to absorb fluids and lasts longer. Even after using this mask for 1 hour, the mask remains moist. Bio cellulose mask which is 1000 times thinner than hair makes it even more adherent to the skin, allowing the ingredients in the mask to be transferred to the skin more efficiently.

In addition to water, what are other ingredients in this mask?

1. Glycerin : Hydrates skin and help it hold on to moisture.

2. Paper Mulberry : It helps to improve various skin disorders, bites etc.

3. White Mulberry : Reduces skin pigmentation.

4. Apple Extract : Anti-aging agent and skin-smoothing. 

5. Camellia Flower : Promotes the elasticity of your skin. 

6. Purple tea : Block wrinkle formation, improve skin texture, and boost protection against harmful UV rays. 

7. Cucumber : Soothing and cooling effects, reduce swelling, and alleviate sunburn. 


We’ve collected some of the most commonly asked questions and our replies. Your question may be answered already. But if it’s not or if you simply don’t want to search our FAQs – then feel free to contact us and we’ll reply quickly.

What is Bio Cellulose?
Bio cellulose is a natural nanofiber, just 20 nm in diameter. The bio cellulose fabric used in our masks is derived from cultured bacteria.

How is Bio Cellulose Produced?
The process has multiple, critical stages that cannot be shortchanged or rushed. It takes approximately 10-15 days from the time the initial microbial culture is developed and fermented until bio cellulose “film” is harvested for mask formation. This amazing bio material is well worth the wait!

Why are facial masks made from Bio Cellulose superior for skin care?
Because of their distinct physical properties, bio cellulose masks offer multiple advantages. First, they have a fluid-holding capacity of up to 100 times their dry weight, so they can be infused with ingredients and remain moist throughout use. Second, they fit like a second skin — maintaining tight dermal contact. The snug fit causes skin temperature to rise, opening pores and allowing beneficial skin care ingredients to be transferred deep into the epidermis.

When is a GreenAard facial mask a better choice than a clay-based or gel mask?
Most clay-based and gel masks address a single function (like absorbing oil). They also can be quite messy and time consuming to use. Our facial masks deliver multiple skin care benefits, are easy to use, and are ultra-convenient.

What skin types will benefit from GreenAard facial masks?
GreenAard bio cellulose masks are safe and effective for all skin types. Dry skin will benefit significantly from the intense hydration provided by our mask fabric.

How often and when should GreenAard masks be used?
Once per week. Masks can be used any time but they are ideal at end of day, to restore moisture and aid with skin rejuvenation.

How will skin feel after application of this mask?
After 20-30 minutes of application, skin feels hydrated and cool, smoother and softer to the touch.

Is cleansing required after application?
No. After mask removal, gently massage ingredients that remain into skin – adding to overall glow.

Can the ingredients that remain at the bottom of the mask’s foil packet be used?
Absolutely! Those ingredients constitute an amazing moisturizing serum, great for application between mask uses.

What is the shelf life of GreenAard masks?
3-year shelf life.


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