About GreenAard

GreenAard is a health product brand under XZIZ Biotech Sdn Bhd. XZIZ Biotech Sdn Bhd at its inception in October 2008 is a leading provider of laboratory products especially biotechnology to universities, colleges, schools and government agencies throughout Malaysia. At the same time, XZIZ Biotech was actively conducting workshops and seminars on molecular biology, oligo synthesis, DNA detection in raw meat/aquaculture products as well as custom projects through client demand. XZIZ Biotech was also a Halal panel for the Department of Fisheries Malaysia.

In 2014, XZIZ Biotech launched a study on plants and herbs and their benefits on health, especially the impact on body weight. Finally in September 2015, GreenAard debuted its first product - GC Plus. In less than 6 months, 10,000 bottles of GC Plus were sold and the response has remained to this day. GreenAard continues to produce plant-based products such as Nutrijuice, Herbal Secret, Cleansing Gel and Gloei. 

Our Customers

We develop products and services based on customer feedback. After the success of GC Plus, we take note of every consumer suggestions in terms of improving the quality of our products as well as ideas for our next product. Some GreenAard products are the result of loyal customer support and demand. GreenAard customers are very supportive, they often share product testimonials and promote our products to friends. Most GreenAard customers are families - mother, father, children, grandchildren and even daughters-in-law. Over 500 testimonials have been collected. 98% of our nearly 17,000 customers rate GreenAard as outstanding and excellent.

Our Experts

XZIZ Biotech has a network of independent experts supported by GreenAard's own founder, a biotechnologist. GreenAard opens up a discussion room with GreenAard users in the Live Chat apps on this website. Customers can ask questions about the product directly. In addition, many articles on food and nutrition science, videos and graphics are posted daily on the website and FB to help you make the right choices. 

Our Products

We believe in quality products. Our products are clean to ensure they stay fresh and protected until the day you receive them. Manufactured on premises with MOH, GMP and Halal approval. We will continue to improve our product formulas and launch new products over time to ensure we offer the best product range.

Our Service

We are committed to providing the best service possible. Consumers pay a fair price for the best quality. We also offer a safe and secure online shopping service.

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