Nutrijuice Commision Scheme Program

Nutrijuice is one of the best -selling products in the GreenAard product line. Why? Nutrijuice is a product that everyone needs because it helps reduce cholesterol lto normal levels. All humans have cholesterol but many are unaware that their cholesterol are above the proper levels. This makes Nutrijuice the easiest product to sell and everyone can take it regardless of age. 

Nutrijuice has been classified by the MOH as a dietary supplement product, not a medication. Not too technical for you to sell to anyone. Therefore, we created this program to provide opportunities:

  • giving consumers the opportunity to promote and sell (take orders) Nutrijuice to friends.
  • as a token of appreciation to Nutrijuice customer getting a cash back on a monthly basis.
  • opening up opportunities to anyone who wants to start a business from home without spending big.

Nutrijuice Program Commission Structure

We know that the heart of sales performance is motivation. Without it, there is no incentive for you to push to close deals. So suffice it to say, sales incentive compensation plays a major role in your ability to drive revenue and growth. We offer a tiered commission scheme where the value of the commission increases as sales increase. Purchases must be made at a standard price of RM59/bottle. You only need to sell as low as 5 bottles per month.

Buy 5 bottles/month Eligible for 5% commission
Buy 9 bottles/month Eligible for 7% commission
Buy 13 bottles/month Eligible for 9% commission
Buy 17 bottles/month Eligible for 13% commission

Note: The commission will be paid on every 1st of the following month.

For example (refer to the commission plan above), the commission rate increases to seven percent when you reach sales of 9 bottles. On the 13th bottle, the commission rate increased further to nine percent. Your rewards increase as more Nutrijuice is sold.

The advantage of this program is, no membership fee is charged. If you fail to reach the minimum target, you can still start fresh next month. Your name as our representative will not be removed. You do not have to bother looking for ideas to promote this product too as we will supply you with interesting marketing materials for you to share on your platforms. Not only that, we will guide you how to write an appropriate caption on each of your post!

If you are ready to be a part of our business partners, contact us via whatsapp here.



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