Offer : Free Postage Special Nov 2017

We recently provided a free shipping offer for 2 bottles of Nutrijuice. The response received is beyond expectation. Many did not want to miss the opportunity. Some of the buyers were asking whether we plan to create Nutrijuice + Cleansing Gel or Makeup Remover + GC Plus package because these packages are not yet in the collection.

At the moment we have not yet thought of creating the package but here we are again opening the offer for free shipping for 2 quantities of any product (or more). If anyone is interested in getting 2 (or more) products that are not available in the existing package/combo on the website, here comes your opportunity. Buy any 2 (or more) you like. Free delivery. 


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Please choose 2 or more : 1 x Nutrijuice, RM59
1 x GC Plus, RM90
1 x Cleansing Gel, RM59
1 x Makeup Remover 50g, RM39
1 x Makeup Remover 125g, RM65
Quantity per set :
Remarks (if any) :


Note 1 : The price offered in the order form is the price for the Peninsular. The price of Sabah / Sarawak is different. Send the form and we will calculate it for you.

Note 2 : After the order is submitted, it will take you to a blank page. Do not worry, your order is safe.

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